Tuesday, May 24, 2011


'Earthbound – Surfing the Apocalypse' is a transmedia project based on text, artwork, music and various online channels. It is a tale of paranoid big city life, technology, electronic music, post-apocalyptic visions, travels deep into the Arctic, free energy - and a whole lot more.

Below you can read each chapter as they were posted weekly on this blog between 2009-2010 (Spoiler alarm: the book is listed from back to front here on the blog - last chapters first).

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The End


I would do anything
To live again
Breathe again

No promises
Of golden castles in the air
Of blessings beyond my wildest dreams

No kingdom
Beyond this world
Could ever replace
The taste of the evening air
The smell of the Earth
Your touch
And the love I have for this world

(Ashar, 71)


The boy sits still in the middle of the endless floor.
His head is held high and his eyes have a mischievous glint in them.
Then he looks into the mirror.
His anger has drawn a spiteful-looking face upon him.
He shouts at himself, without a sound.
Then he raises his right arm and hits the mirror.
It splinters into countless tiny shining particles - like a billion stars on the evening sky.
The illusion breaks.
Once again there is only darkness.
And the boy is alone.
And loneliness is all he knows.
Because now he knows it all.
After all, he made all of it happen.
The boy starts sobbing quietly, hiding his face between his knees.
He sits like this for a while, and then he looks up again.
His head held low and his eyes humble.
He turns his head to both sides and looks around him into the abyss.
He starts picking up the pieces of broken glass from the floor.
He turns them in his hands and inspects them one by one.
Then he starts to play with them, and slowly begins to build a new mirror.
Soon he can see his own reflection again.
The reflection is looking back at him and smiles.
Then it turns into many faces.
Familiar faces.
Gradually a whole new world starts growing around him, and soon he loses himself into the world inside the mirror.
The boy forgets once more who he is - or who he has been.
He shouts out in joy at the faces, and soon he starts playing with the other characters in the mirror.
He is no longer alone.
All is forgotten.
And once again he has a smile on his face.
He’s no longer aware
That it is all his own doing
And that he alone is responsible

“I am the End.”
(The End)

“I am.”
(The I in the Pyramid)

“I am the walrus.”
(John Lennon, 1967)

“I am the Internet.”
(Lee “Scratch” Perry, Oslo, 2006)